Edugorilla, Adding value to Indian Education by Leveraging Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing

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Rohit Manglik, Founder and CEO of EduGorilla is an alumnus of NIT Surathkal, he has worked for several reputed companies like Oracle, Morgan Stanley and D.E.Shaw Group.

Education as a subject has always been close to his heart. Imbued with the vision of streamlining education system in India, he founded EduGorilla. EduGorilla aims to be a one-stop shop to the career needs of all students and through his company, Rohit aims to foster a healthy dialogue among all stakeholders of education.

Rohit Manglik, in an interaction with Ekta Srivastava, Education Technology…

Data Security is as crucial as National Security, what will EduGorilla do to protect it?

At EduGorilla, we take security of our user data very seriously.Therefore, we follow triple layer of security and plural rounds of security clearance for each upgrade rollout to make it virtually impossible for intruders to gain access to any of our sensitive information. We follow state-of the art hashtag using blowfish coupled with HSTS to provide highest level of security to our users. We support TFA for all our sensitive accounts making sure that no one can gain access to said accounts. While writing scripts, we ensure to avoid cross site scripting and cross site request forgery by avoiding inline scripts. We recommend users to always keep their system updated to make sure that latest security patches are applied.

How do you think specialized certifications will add value add for high skilled workforce?

Though specialized certifications can’t replace formal education, they are courses are a great way to fill the gaps in your knowledge and give competitive edge when it comes to job promotions. They enable you acquire requisite skills and that too within a short span of time. They come to the rescue of working professionals who are willing to keep themselves updated yet are really bound by time constraint. Certifications offered today are a fine blend of theoretical and practical learning and hence hold great value.

How is EduGorilla planning to add value of IT to the Indian education system?

EduGorilla is a perfect example demonstrating the application of IT to Indian education system. At EduGorilla, we are leveraging machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing to add value to Indian education system and eliminate inefficiency.

The transformation from classroom learning and tuition to non-traditional online learning aids is not easy. What challenges did you face?

Switching to non-traditional online mode of learning brings plethora of challenges for us. A virtual classroom makes the learning experience entirely different for students. It takes time for them to get accustomed to Course Management Systems (CMS) and the methods of computer-based education. Overcoming technical glitches is another challenge. E-learning requires high bandwidth internet connection. Time management is also a difficult task for e-Learners, as online courses require a lot of time and intensive work.

What technology initiatives do you see gaining maximum ground for K-12 schools?

I forsee online education becoming a reality for K-12 schools. Online education for K-12 students will serve India well because of the reach and quality it brings. All students who find it difficult to pursue education in a formal set up, be it senior secondary or higher studies, will have great opportunity complete their courses through e-education as it can be achieved from the comforts of one’s home or from his or her working area.

Do you think eLearning can help in educational progress in a vast country like India?

With the number of internet users in India expected to reach 250 million, rivaling the US and second only to China, India’s potential as a huge market for e-learning is enormous. A large number of new users are accessing the internet for the first time from their smartphones, which is an ideal, personalized and commerce-enabled platform for e-learning adoption. E-learning brings unique advantages, the prominent being the ability to provide personalized attention to all students. In a conventional set-up, this is only possible when a highly skilled tutor offers one-to-one tutorials. However, considering that most institutions have a classroom-based set-up, such attention becomes difficult. Another advantage is people living in smaller towns and cities can get access to the best possible learning resources from across the world, at a very affordable price. This helps create a level-playing field.

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