Parents are the Major Stakeholders in the Growth and Development of a Child


Belives, Shobana Mahansaria, Co founder of Dolphin Pod. Born and raised in Thailand, Mahansaria graduated from the prestigious Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts and later, received her Master’s degree from Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts.

Her new venture forays her entrance in to the field of education. Always keen to give back to the community with fresh ideas, Shobana hopes this centre will attract all the parents in New Delhi with great zeal and interest.

Shobana Mahansaria, in an interaction with Ekta Srivastava, Education Technology. in

What are the different features that you offer? How it is convenient for parents to use?

We are a life skills development centre for kids and young adults in Vasant Kunj that enables them to succeed in the ever-evolving future. We follow a completely exclusive and innovative program with a tailored curriculum in a specialized POD learning environment. We focus on the cognitive, social and emotional development of children.

Along with that, we lay emphasis on various downtime activities that facilitate positive thinking and mindfulness in children. Guided imagery, Bubble breathing, Meditative scripts, Calming exercises etc in a snugly safe environment are a few of the methods that we use here at Dolphin POD.

Parents are sent a follow up letter after every session so they are updated on what their child had learnt and also be partner with us in helping the child practice the skills learned.

What’s your intake on parent engagement? What importance does it holds in a student’s life?

Parents are the major stakeholders in the growth and development of their children. Hence, its important for them to lay a strong foundation for their children at home by giving them a conducive and healthy atmosphere. Children model their parents. Also it is essential for them to be partners with the institutions their children are going to.

The transformation from classroom learning and tuition to non-traditional online learning aids is not easy. What challenges did you face?

Ours is a non-traditional program that offers free learning environment to the children. The program focuses on developing the Consciousness Quotient which includes Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Contribution. In today’s fast-paced technology driven world, these skills enable a child to stand tall. We make success EASIER by teaching our students Emotional wellness, Adaptability, Social Connect, Innovation, Ethics and Resiliency. The masses are aware of the importance of academics and not of this concept which is as important as academics.

What technology initiatives do you see gaining maximum ground for Corporate Training, Vocational Education, and Skills Training?

Dolphin POD believes in skill development and follows a POD learning method which is researched and developed by Dr. Shimi K Kang, a Harvard trained psychiatrist, researcher and expert on the science of human motivation.

Our POD programs ensure the development of children’s growing years by helping them gain deeper understanding of their own capabilities. It also focuses on enhancing the whole brain skills.

This program is running successfully all over Canada under special guidance of Dr Shimi Kang and our mission is to spread this methodology and philosophy all over the globe.

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