Cuemath says 61% girls have better accuracy in Everyday Math and Geometry


City Specific Highlights:


  • While Bangalore outsmart all cities in Geometry, Chennai ruled the area of number sense.
  • In Delhi, students had strong Alphanumeric skills. They also performed well in fractions and decimals when compared to children in other cities.
  • In Hyderabad, students were observed to have good calculation skills and their everyday math performance was better rated when compared to other cities
  • In Mumbai, students has strong spatial skills and their performance in mensuration stood out.
  • In Pune, students showcased strong logical skills and data handling was their key strength compared to students in other cities
Number sense Fractions and decimals Mensuration Data handling Everyday math Geometry
Chennai (76%) Delhi (71%) Mumbai (79%) Pune (84%) Hyderabad



*Accuracy is achieved when students score 75% or more in a set of questions/exercise for a particular topic

Overall Highlights:

  • Both boys and girls are at par with each other.

o   Although, 61% girls have better accuracy in Everyday Math and Geometry.

o   68% boys have better accuracy in numbers and operations, and data handling.

  • Students face the most difficulty in topics like algebra, integers, rationals and geometry.
  • After Cuemath, students enjoy topics like Geometry and Data handling the most. They have shown the most progress in these topics.
  • Students have shown great promise on spatial skills (in aptitude) vis-a-vis alphanumeric skills.
  • 57% of Younger students (grades 1 to 3) have better accuracy at everyday math vis-a-vis 64% students of grades 4 to 8 have better accuracy at arithmetic.

Cuemath Parent Survey

Respondents: 300 parents

  • Before joining Cuemath 61% children were averse to Math as a subject.

o   Child wasn’t confident enough to ask questions in Math class

o   Child was not able to apply mathematical concepts in real life

o   Child did not understand the correlation between mathematical concepts

o   Always compared understanding of concept with achieving marks

o   Math homework caused anxiety amongst students

o   Did not have interest in trying any math based activities like Puzzles, Rubik cube and so on

  • After joining Cuemath:

o   78% parents claimed to see a shift in their children towards loving math as a subject.

o   75% have reported getting scores of 80 or above in their math tests.

o   95% of the students attend their CueMath classes regularly which shows the high level of engagement in the program

o   Cuemath program has encouraged a general liking towards mathematical thinking. 63% of our students have reported an increase in math-related activities like puzzles and Sudoku

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