Education Gamification in Action – Part 2


The modern education is no longer viewed as a mundane process for presenting information while testing for retention and understanding. It involves tasks of engaging students, stimulating their interests, retaining their attention, and maintaining a positive attitude in a nurturing environment. Gamification is trying to achieve that healthy balance in education by creating learning situations that are fun. Let’s take a look at some of them and how they are producing more effective educational environment.


The World Peace Game: Gamified Political Simulation in the Classroom

The World Peace Game is a rich and elaborate political simulation game.It invites young students to explore a world not unlike our own, consisting of four or five prominent nations.An ingenious creation of Virginia educator John Hunter, it encourages kids to explore the global community and learn the nature of the complex relationships between nations. The initial scenarios include a mixture of existing conditions, favorable resources and political positions, with new and evolving crises, ranging from environmental issues to military situations. Students use their imagination and cognitive skill and seek collaboration and cooperation to find solutions that will benefit their teams as well as the global community. Apart from being a great education gamification example, it is also a stellar lesson in our society.

MrPai’s Class: The Digitally Assisted Class

Mr Ananth Pai, a third-grade teacher Ananth Pai at the Parkview/Centerpoint Elementary School in White Bear Lake, MNcombine a multitude of fun technologies and solutions with his class. He uses several different devices and media channels in his class.  Apart from the usual computers with local programs and game-based apps, but web-based he uses console-based (such as Nintendo) games as well. He has provided technological twist to the traditional education methods to create new, digitally assisted opportunities. He includes games in various subjects, such as Flower Power, which introduces basic concepts in economics and business as the student increase their math skills.

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